Bronte Park & Baths

Named after Admiral Lord Nelson, who was also the Duke of Bronte, this vast, green park once included a freshwater creek and wooded gully. The park you see today was created in 1887.

Located directly behind Bronte Beach, the park boasts beautiful views, coin-operated BBQs, showers and toilets and a fantastic and newly renovated kids’ playground. There is also a bustling café strip running alongside the park, where you can pick up some great takeaway food for a beachside picnic.

A miniature train service also runs on weekends in the summer months.

At the southern end you’ll find the magnificent Bronte Baths that were built in 1887. Thought they are now, of course, free and open to all, when they were first built, Sundays and public holidays were reserved for men. While the rules have changed, the original baths remain largely the same.  Even in winter, you’ll still find some dedicated locals swimming every morning.

In summer, this is a beautiful place to take a dip, swim a few laps, or simply relax on the edge while watching the waves crash into the pool.

The pool is cleaned regularly and is typically closed on Tuesdays or Thursday, either mornings or afternoons.

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